To equippe an individual with particular professionalism and specific skills of communication sectors. who empower the field of journalism and mass communications up to it's Top.


To develop ethical and critical thinker and creator for the filed of journalism and mass communication and provide sustain democratic space for creative explorations in real battle grounds. With the " Mantra" - " NO DEAR NO FEAR", provide a context of learning that enhance professionalism, humanism and social responsibility.

Core Values

To be a institute of repute, training and developing young minds to be fearless and bold professionals with logic and knowledge in the field of journalism and mass communicatio. To promote excellence in advancement of journalism and mass communication disciplines, professions and services through innovative and effective resource mobilization and management.

  1. Be creative, innovative and lead in producing communication and media professionals.

  2. Be adaptive in changing technological, political and academic world and still maintain individuality with bold and fearless attitude

  3. Respecting initiatives in collaborative and networking in communication and media industry

  4. Provide trained and ready for industry professionals through state of the art training facilities and be capable to carry out research and provide consultancy services.