Rajkot: Rangoli Exhibition at the Art Gallery

October 12, 2019 - krishana trivedi

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Just counting down the days to celebrate the Diwali festival and making Rangoli , Rangoli is very important during Diwali festival. So the Rangoli exhibition will be open for two days from Saturday at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Art Gallery in Rajkot. During these two days, people will enjoy free Rangoli display. A total of more than 115 Rangoli has been constructed by Ajanta Arts. People from the age of 3 to 60 have participated in the making of Rangoli. When it comes to the attractions of Rangoli exhibition, Rangoli is made showing the different  sides  of Lord  Mahadev, Krishna, Ganpati and Buddha. Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal, Rajkot Municipal Commissioner Utid Agrawal and Collector Remya Mohan have also been made Rangoli.

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