Special arrangements were made for devotee to visit Maa Amba

September 7, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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Amidst frequent rains, the Bhadravi Poonam festival is starting from Sunday. Which will run until September 14th. The district administrative system has taken a rally for the pilgrims from Ambaji bus station to the Shaktidwar of the temple. So for the first time this year, arrangements have been made by the Devasthan Trust for the purpose of transporting the handicapped person and his family to the temple. Last year it was a system for children and the disabled only, but not the family system which created disorder. So this year, the family has also been included by improving the system. Entry of the spectators will be closed at 4-30 pm at the ST stand. The counters have been raised this year as crowds flock to Prasad in Chachar Chok. In Tent City, 20 tents have been erected, of which one will have 3 beds. The footwear stand is adjacent to the ST stand. 14 towers have been erected in Ambaji from which criminals will be monitored.

Rutvi Rao

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