Just 2km from moon and India lot the, Chandrayaan’s contact

September 7, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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When India was close to forming history in space, only 2.1 km above the surface of the moon, Chandrayaan’s contact with Isro was lost. The landmark record of the fully indigenous Chandrayaan-2 was to land on the moon at 1.53 pm on Friday-Saturday night. But at about two o’clock in the night, the head of Esau. Sivan said Yan had lost contact. Further information may be given after analysis of the data. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present to witness history. After Chandrayaan’s break-up, PM Modi told ISRO scientists that life is going downhill, but this is no small achievement. The country is proud of you. Your hard work has taught a lot. Hope for the good. We are learning a lot from each defeat. I am completely with myself. Walk courageously. Importantly, if the mission had been successful, India would have been the first country to land on the Moon’s South Pole. China, America and Russia have landed on the moon before, but none have landed here.

Rutvi Rao

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