September 5, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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In the city of Surat, the so-called SHEMALE  bullying is increasing day by day. Two days before babyboy born in Godadara, SHEMALE , who had come to collect the money , had hit a young man, hitting his head against a wall. The man was knocked unconscious after an attack by shemale  and was immediately taken to Schmeyer Hospital for treatment. Where his condition is currently fragile. The family celebrating the birth of a son has been in trouble since the incident took place .
Gehrilal Kasturi Khattik, who lives at Godadara Mansarovar Society in Surat, runs a leaf mug near the Gitanjali petrol pump. There was a happy atmosphere in the family. Two alleged shemale  reached their home and demanded Rs 21 thousand  on Tuesday morning Later, the father borrowed  money from the people and gave them Rs 7,000 to both shemale. However, even after taking the rupees, the shemale started abuseing them and were also half naked and made a spectacle.. Then the family regisetered the  complainet against shemale and  Police have launched a criminal investigation into the attempted murder. Gherilal,and wife Manshabe,registered a complaint against three shemale’s in Limbayat police.

Rutvi Rao

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