September 4, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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After the rains in the upper reaches, the level of Ukai Dam which was discharged from Hathnoor Dam reached 339.51 feet. The current level of Ukai Dam is 340 feet. And the dreaded surface of Ukai Dam is 245 feet. So now the system has kept track of rainfall and water revenue. Currently, 53836 cusecs of water has been collected in Ukai Dam And the same amount of water revenue has been kept open out of the four doors. The strike level for keeping the level and surface maintenance of Ukai Dam has been started. With the current Rule Level 340 feet the surface is very close, the dam is 90 percent filled. Rainfall in the upper reaches and the release of water from the Hathnoor Dam increased the level of Ukai Dam.

Rutvi Rao

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