September 4, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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Demand for flowers at festivals also leads to price fluctuations. The prices of roses and roses have increased by 20% over the Ganesh Festival over the normal days. Due to heavy rains in the state, flowers are being sought from Maharashtra and MPs who are not producing flowers. According to the traders, 10 trains were arriving on the Galgota, which has now increased to 20 Demands per day. Jamalpur flower market prices have also seen a significant increase in demand for flowers. The most commonly used flower bouquet is Rs. 70 to 100. Due to festivals, the prices of flowers have started to rise. On the other hand, people are also worried about the inevitability of flowers at festivals and its increased prices. Flower prices have risen overnight at the beginning of the Ganesh Festival.

Rutvi Rao

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