September 3, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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You will  be surprised to hear about Ganesh devotion by a woman dentist in the Swansea Ornado in the Pearl Point area of ​​Surat. She wrote Ganapati and his names out of 108 watermelons, not one or two. Most importantly, the watermelon will also be immersed in a unique way and the watermelon will be distributed to the poor. The people of Surat know Aditi as a dentist but she  is a just not a good dentist she is also  Ganesh devote and artist. This time, Aditi has made a special debut on Ganesh Chaturthi.she  created various works of Bapaa on 108 watermelons and also wrote various names of Ganpati Bapa on watermelon.

Rutvi Rao

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