Murder took place due to bad comment

August 26, 2019 - Rutvi Rao

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The video of the murder incident has gone viral. The accused himself appeared before the police. In Rajkot, during the festival, the incident of murder is irresistible. Then again the colorful Rajkot has become bloodthirsty. A murder spree ensued between friends living in the neighborhood and working together. Dinesh Chawda, accused of murder, has been alleged to have stabbed Jaish Chawda to death with sharp weapons while living and working in his neighborhood. After the murder, accused Dinesh Chawda appeared before police. He also informed the police about the whole incident. The accused gave the primary information to the police, saying that the deceased Jayesh Chawda had made a bad comment about his wife, who was murdered. On the other hand, the deceased’s relative was a drunkard, so the deceased Jayesh had reprimanded him for not shouting in the street, saying that Dinesh had killed Jayesh in keeping with the matter

Rutvi Rao

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