Google Feed is now called Google Discover

September 28, 2018 - Himalaya

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Google has announced that its Google Feed has been rebranded as Google Discover.

Google Discover allows users to customize what articles and content they come across. All users need to do is tap on the control icon to customize the frequency and number of posts appear on the particular topic of your interest.

If you recall, it was initially announced last year, it provides users with relevant content and articles confined their interest. Google said in its blog post that it is used by 800 million users every month.

With a rebranded Google Feed, the company has rolled out a major update. Google Discover now brings a fresh look and new features for both desktop and mobile browsers. The updated Google Feed has added more context and control over what users discover.

Karen Corby Group Product Manager of Search, had this to say: “Last year we introduced the Google feed to surface relevant content to you, even when you’re not searching. It’s grown dramatically over the past year: more than 800 million people use the feed each month to stay up to date on their interests.”


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